Hot Water Extraction Method

The Hot Water Extraction Method in 3 Easy Steps

Hot water extraction or “steam cleaning” is the only Carpet Manufacturer recommended process for cleaning your carpets and extending the life of your flooring investment.
  1. Your Professional Mr. Vac cleaning technician will assess your carpets level of soil contamination. In the process, he/she will identify any spots or stains that may require EXTRA special treatments.
  2. Your Mr. Vac technician will then mix the appropriate, environmentally friendly pre-spray and apply it to your carpets with high pressured, water application devices, loosening soils and stains.
  3. (THE FUN PART!) With our top of the line, Industry leading extraction tools, Your technician will blast super- heated water into your carpets and seconds later, extract the water, pre-spray, soil and contaminants out of your carpets and out of your life forever!